Watch Eyes Of A Cowboy!

It is a good introduction to the quirky and hilarious creative genius of Wiz Bryant.

The creative imagination and writing talent of Wiz Bryant Created//Produced the Gemini Nominated Short Feature “Eyes OF A Cowboy” in 1998 which was broadcast on the CTV Network. The story of a bar singing country folk singer named Lonesome Cooper who time travels back to the old west is semi autobiographical for documentary film maker, actor, tv host and country folk artist and songwriter Wiz Bryant.

Wiz Bryant Productions is presently involved in the creation and production of a new comedy western drama series called “Kaleidoscope Cowboy”.

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  • “Wiz Bryant sells Canada the way other people might sell toothpaste, cars and real estate. The hard sell approach all the way. But while some salespeople don’t always believe in what they are selling, Wiz has an absolute faith in the Canadian land and its people.” Suzanne Tausig
    London Free Press