WANDERING CANADA began production in 2004. The series has produced twenty six half hour programs, presenting us with a window on the vista that is Canada.  The programs, the books and music, and the live performances are all integral parts of a spiritual and cultural journey, a pilgrimage and a voyage of discovery on behalf of a people and a country that is busy being born, it is an opportunity to reflect upon where it has been, what it is now and what it is ready to become … Oh Canada our home and native land!


The series is found in some prime time schedules and viewers are becoming increasingly aware of its presence as it grows in popularity. WANDERING CANADA speaks to the heart and soul of a Canada hungry to know its stories and identity beyond hockey and politics.  It is entertainment, education and music.  It is folklore and humour and a sense of the sacred, it is passion and vision and fire for all things Canadian.

The series is hosted by Wiz Bryant, a veteran Canadian singer and songwriter.  He arrived on the Canadian music scene in the 1970’s and has made a significant contribution to popularizing Canadian history and culture over the last three decades with his songs, stories, and concert performances.  In the tradition of wandering troubadours, folksingers, folklorists, balladeers and minstrels throughout the ages, Wiz is a wandering everyman, a figure easy for Canadians to embrace as their own, comfortable and unassuming, yet a perceptive and curious guide.  He hears his songs in the wind and each one leads us on to another Canadian story and another part of our national heritage.  He wanders with the wind and we wander with him discovering more about our country and ourselves in the huge, wild, magnificent, lonely, and storied land we call Canada.


WANDERING CANADA was first broadcast on CFJC Television in December of 2003 to a viewer response that included dozens of phone calls and emails to the Kamloops station.  In February 2005 the series began weekly broadcasts across the country on CFJC, CTS, CLT and ACCESS ALBERTA, the CBC began broadcasting the series in July of 2005 and SCN began broadcasting the series in the spring of 2006.

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  • “In a powerful voice that rings with conviction and switches easily from haunting ballads to footstomping tunes, Bryant brings out bits and pieces of our country’s rich heritage. The British Columbia native performs a rare kind of show.” Bill Whitlaw
    Belleville Tribune