Program  #1     Rodeo CowboysHost Wiz Bryant wanders to Williams Lake, British Columbia, to attend the Williams Lake Stampede. Here he meets some of Canada’s finest rodeo riders both from the professional rodeo circuit and from the local ranches of the Chilcotin Valley, which he then visits to experience the ranching lifestyle behind the skill of rodeo. Featured guest is Dave Poulsen, author of Wild Ride. Featured music by Wiz Bryant includes Eight Second Ride.
Program  #2     Paddle MusicHost Wiz Bryant wanders to Bowron Lakes where he embarks on a canoe trip against the backdrop of the snow-capped Cariboo Mountains of British Columbia.  As moose and deer feed along the banks he explores the allure of Canada’s most famous means of transportation and the vehicle that opened up the country to its native inhabitants, fur traders and European explorer –  the canoe.  The canoe remains an enduring symbol of wilderness and freedom in Canada, with summer its season to shine.  Featured guest is Chris Harris, author and photographer of The Bowron Lakes, British Columbia’s Wilderness Canoe Circuit. Featured music by Wiz Bryant includes Paddle Music.
Program  #3    Gold MountainHost Wiz Bryant wanders to Barkerville, British Columbia, Canada’s Cariboo Gold Town and the biggest city north and west of Chicago in 1865.  Barkerville is the reason BC exists. The east wanted BC gold and the west wanted a railroad.  Barkerville is an historic ghost town and park now, housing vaudeville style shows at the Theatre Royal, and dramatic re-enactments of the gold rush era.  Featured guest is Ann Walsh, author of Moses, Me and Murder. Featured music by Wiz Bryant includes The Last Stagecoach Ride.
Program #4    MountaineersHost Wiz Bryant arrives in the dry Monashee Mountains of the southern interior of British Columbia drawn by the legend of the Skaha Bluffs, an internationally famous rock climbing area. To prepare himself for the adventure he visits Rope’s End in Kamloops, to “learn the ropes.” Wiz meets with rock climbing expert Howie Richardson, author of Skaha Rockclimbs. Featured music by Wiz Bryant includes Like a Mountain.
Program #5    SkygazersHost Wiz Bryant wanders to the White Lake Dominion Radio -Astrophysical Observatory, near Penticton, British Columbia. The White Lake DRAO is one of the only radio astrophysical observatories in North America.  Here he meets with radio astronomers who talk of exploring space through radio waves. Wiz witnesses the launching of a huge experimental balloon, which has become a new way of sending radio waves into space. Wiz also visits amateur astronomer and author Jack Newton, who is an expert on photo astronomy. Featured music by Wiz Bryant includes Between Our Worlds.
Program #6    Kettle Valley TrainHost Wiz Bryant walks the railroad bed of Canada’s most legendary little mountain railroad, the Kettle Valley Line, with museum curator and historian Randy Manuel. He visits the Myra Canyon and crosses the last remaining trestles not destroyed in the Okanagan Mountain Fire of 2003. Wiz then wanders his way to the Kettle Valley Heritage Train and meets the dedicated staff and volunteers who have brought this heritage attraction to life for those of us who want to experience what it was like on the steam trains of old in the wilds of British Columbia. Featured guest is George Matheson, author of The Vaders’ Caboose.Featured music by Wiz Bryant includes Outlaws Love Train.
Program #7    Cariboo RoadhouseHost Wiz Bryant wanders up the Cariboo road along Highway 97 in central British Columbia to visit one of the last exiting roadhouses and stagecoach stops from our pioneer past. Wiz talks with Historic Hat Creek Ranch manager Kevin Brickwood and meets the heritage interpreters, stagecoach drivers and wranglers who bring the historic park to life for tourists every summer. Wiz also heads out on the range to meet some of the working cowboys at the Ashcroft Ranch. Featured guest is Branwen Patenaude, author ofTrails to Gold. Featured music by Wiz Bryant includes Eyes of a Cowboy.
Program #8    EarthkeepersHost Wiz Bryant wanders his way to Kamloops, British Columbia, where he visits the Secwepemc Museum and interviews survivors of the residential school system that deprived native peoples of their families, cultures and languages. On a happier note, he wanders into the Kamloopa PowWow where he gets in touch with the pow wow traditional experiences its power and beauty in uniting and celebrating the culture, spirit and traditions of the earthkeepers, Canada’s First Nations people. Featured guest is Gary Gottfriedson, author of Glass Teepee. Featured music by Wiz Bryant includes Medicine Man.
Program #9    Spirit SeekersHost Wiz Bryant wanders his way to the mystical Kootenay Valley in western British Columbia where he visits a spiritual retreat centre at Johnson’s Landing. He attends a men’s retreat and interviews the participants and learns of the different ways that they seek Spirit in their lives. From tai chi masters to drummers and flute players, from prayer to poetry, this is a fascinating look at spiritual quest and discovery in the 21st century. Featured guest is Jonn Lavinnder, author of The Ancestors’ Path, A Native American Oracle for Seeking Guidance from Nature and Spirit Helpers. Featured music by Wiz Bryant includesEagle Prayer.
Program #10    Canada’s GameHost Wiz Bryant travels to Penticton, British Columbia in the south Okanagan Valley to visit the Okanagan Hockey School. He interviews staff and students and discovers their passion and reams for the world of professional hockey. He also meets with and interviews four of the surviving members of the world amateur champion hockey team from 1955, the Penticton Vees. Featured guest is Lorna Schultz Nicholson, noted author of the Sports Stories Series for children. Featured music by Wiz Bryant includes Canada’s Game.
Program #11    A People’s PlaywriteHost Wiz Bryant wanders to Summerland, British Columbia to visit the heritage home of famed Canadian literary figure and playwrite George Ryga. He interviews Ken Smedley, artistic director of the George Ryga Centre.  Wiz then travels to the Vernon Performing Arts Centre for the 1st Annual George Ryga Award Ceremonies for Social Awareness in Canadian Literature. He interviews the first winner of the award, Maggie de Vries, author of Missing Sarah. Featured music by Wiz Bryant includes Wisdom of the Heart.
Program #12    Old West OutlawsHost Wiz Bryant travels to the Red Dog Saloon to visit Robert Popoff, a local expert on the story of outlaw Boone Helm. He then wanders to the Nicola Valley in north central British Columbia, to visit the siege cabin of western Canada’s most notorious outlaws, the Wild McLeans, as well as the grave of Johnny Ussher, a lawman felled by McLean bullets. Wiz interviews Mel Rothenburger, descendent of the McLeans and author of We’ve Killed Johnny Ussher! The Story of The Wild McLean Boys and Alex Hare. Featured music by Wiz Bryant includes The Wild McLeans.
Program #13    Painting the WildsTravelling by jeep, host Wiz Bryant wanders high into the Cascade Mountains with wildlife painters George Traicheff and Pei Zhon Chen. They arrive in Cathedral Lakes Provincial Park where they paint the wilds. Wiz interviews the staff and visitors to the lodge and park as well as naturalist Richard Cannings, author of British Columbia: A Naturalist History. Featured music by Wiz Bryant includes Alpine Paradise.




Program  # 14    Men for the Mountains   Host Wiz Bryant wanders his way to Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village at Pincher Creek, Alberta, to visit Kootenai Brown’s cabin and then south to journey by guided pack trip into Waterton Lakes National Park in search of traces of this western Canadian legend and man for the mountains from an earlier era.  Wiz interviews Duane Barrus, naturalist and former park warden.Featured guests also include Chris Morrison and Ray Djuff, authors of Waterton and Glacier in a Snap.
Program  #15    Ways of My GrandmothersHost Wiz Bryant wanders his way to the Blood Indian Reserve in Alberta’s renowned foothills country in southwest Alberta to meet featured guest Beverly Hungrywolf, author of Ways of My Grandmothers. Wiz learns of the traditional culture that shaped the worldview of Blackfoot grandmothers and how that culture is carried on today. Featured music by Wiz Bryant includes Ways of My Grandmothers.
Program  #16    John Ware & the Bar UHost Wiz Bryant wanders his way to Bar U Ranch National Historic Site near Longview Alberta, to discover the history of this famous working ranch in the 1800s and the story of Canada’s most legendary cowboy figure Cowboy John Ware.  Featured guest is Simon Evans, author of The Bar U and Canadian Ranching History. Featured music by Wiz Bryant includes The Old BarU.
Program #17    Dreaming the RockiesHost Wiz Bryant wanders his way to the Banff and Yoho National Parks to visit the sites that inspired the Rocky Mountain paintings of The Group of Seven, Canada’s most famous landscape painters and the founders of a distinctly Canadian style of art. Featured guest is Lisa Christensen, author of A Hiker’s Guide to the Art of the Canadian Rockies. Featured music by Wiz Bryant includes Dreaming the Rockies.
Program #18   The Mountain and the LadyHost Wiz Bryant wanders his way through the backcountry of Jasper National Park to experience the bighorn sheep, black bear and other wildlife of this rocky mountain wilderness. Wiz visits Mount Edith Cavall and learns the story of its namesake, the heroic British nurse executed by a German firing squad during World War I.  Featured guest is Wayne Sawchuk, author of The Muskwa-Kechika: The Wild Heart of Canada’s Northern Rockies. Featured music by Wiz Bryant includes Lady of the  Trees.
Program #19   Soul of the BuffaloHost Wiz Bryant wanders his way to Elk Island National Park, Canada’s first federal wildlife sanctuary for both the plains bison and wood bison. Wiz gets up close and personal with the herds and speaks with native interpreter Jerry Wood to gain insight into the First Nations historic relationship with the buffalo. Featured guest is Wes Olsen, author of Portraits of the Buffalo. Featured music by Wiz Bryant includes Soul of the Buffalo.
Program #20    SkypilotsHost Wiz Bryant wanders his way to northern Alberta to visit RCAF Cold Lake, the air force training centre for Canadian Forces Fighter pilots. Cold Lake is also host of Maple Flag, the annual international training exercise, which offers amazingly realistic wartime scenarios that challenge the best of aircrews.  Featured music by Wiz Bryant includes Stand Alone.
Program #21    Pilgrimage to AjawaanHost Wiz Bryant wanders his way to the remote shores of Ajawaan Lake in Prince Albert National Park, Saskatchewan. He is on a pilgrimage to Beaver Lodge, the cabin and gravesite of famed Canadian author and conservationist Archie Belaney known to the world as Grey Owl.  Featured guest is Donald Smith, author of From the Land of Shadows: The Making of Grey Owl. Featured music by Wiz Bryant includes Song for Grey Owl.
Program #22   Legend of Almighty VoiceHost Wiz Bryant wanders his way to Duck Lake and the One Arrow Reserve in central Saskatchewan to discover the legend of Almighty Voice, a Cree Indian who tragically found himself in a war with the Canadian government in 1895 over the killing of a steer for his wedding feast.  Featured guest is Victor C. Friesen, author of Where the River Runs.  Featured music by Wiz Bryant includes Weep Willow Weep.
Program #23   Louis and GabrielHost Wiz Bryant wanders his way to Batoche National Historic Site, Saskatchewan, where the bullet holes above the doorway of the church/rectory are a reminder of the Revolution of Louis Riel and the battle that was fought here for four days in May, 1885. Wiz visits Gabriel Dumont Institute in Saskatoon to learn of the Institute’s endeavours to promote the development of Métis culture through research and materials development, and educational programs and services. Featured guests include Maggie Siggins, author ofRiel: A Life of Revolution. Featured music by Wiz Bryant includes Candle in the Dark.
Program #24   The Scarlet ForceHost Wiz Bryant wanders his way to Regina Saskatchewan to visit the RCMP Depot Division where the Canadian government has been training members of Canada’s federal police force for over one hundred years.  Wiz also travels to Yorkton in order to witness the RCMP Musical Ride and to meet with officers who ride horseback in this stylized version of British Army cavalry drills, a tradition originating in the late 1800s. Featured guest is Edgar A. Kuhn, author of Tributes to the Scarlet Riders, An Anthology of Mountie Poems. Featured music by Wiz Bryant includes Faded Old Flag.
Program  #25    Big Muddy Part I:  The Bad Men of Big MuddyHost Wiz Bryant wanders his way to southeastern Saskatchewan to the Big Muddy Valley to search out the story of Sam Kelly, Saskatchewan’s most famous old west outlaw. Wiz learns of other area outlaws, and discovers the Outlaw Trail, an outlaw escape route originating in Mexico and winding its way to Big Muddy, and traversed by such notorious outlaws as Butch Cassidy. Featured guest is Marjorie Mason, author of 100 Years of Grasslands. Featured music by Wiz Bryant includes Big Muddy.
Program  #25   Big Muddy Part II:   The Giant BeaupreHost Wiz Bryant wanders his way to the village of Willow Bunch in southwestern Saskatchewan in search of the story of Edouard Béaupre, a sensitive and intelligent giant of a man, towering eight feet two inches, with a size 22 shoe.  Featured guest is Laurier Gareau, author, actor, theatre director and playwrite of Des géants et des hommes. Featured music by Wiz Bryant includes Big Muddy.
Program #26    Major Walsh and Sitting BullHost Wiz Bryant wanders his way to Wood Mountain Regional and Grasslands National Parks to experience the sites of Sitting Bull’s camps of five thousand Sioux Indians during their years as refugees in Canada after the historic Battle of Little Bighorn. Wiz then journeys to Fort Walsh Historic Site to discover the story of Major Walsh and his unique friendship with Sitting Bull. Featured guest is Rodger Touchie, author of Bear Child: The Life and Times of Jerry Potts. Featured music by Wiz Bryant includes Season of the Sioux.

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