Who is Wiz?  Well his actual name is Wizner and he is named after his father T.W. “Wiz” Bryant a Major in the 1st Canadian Army and a much decorated veteran of the Italian, Belgium and Netherlands campaigns in World War II.  Major Bryant is credited with having led the liberation troops into Arnheim Holland.

Wiz has been a professional country folk singer and songwriter specializing in Canadian Identity songs for four decades. He was a Christian music celebrity for ten years from 1979 until 1989 singing his own country gospel songs on “100 Huntley Street” during the golden age of television evangelism. He played a major role as “Canada’s Balladeer” in 100 Huntley Street’s Salute to Canada, a historic live to satellite broadcast that had the television program broadcasting from locations across the nation during the month of June 1981 and sang “Terry’s Song” for Terry Fox from the Saint John’s Newfoundland location on the day Terry died.

He also produced and hosted a number of national documentary television series including Wandering Canada in 2004/2005 for the CBC Television Network. For many years Wiz was a close friend and sometimes collaborator of Stompin’ Tom Connors whom he credits as being the greatest single influence on his career.

A favourite performer for children Wiz has performed literally more than a thousand concerts in Canadian schools and appeared on such popular children’s television shows as “Mr. Dress Up” where he got to sing a duet with Casey and Finegan appearing as the Mountain Man.

“Wiz Bryant’s concept to write songs for and sing the re-enactment of Canada’s popular history is both excellent and timely. It also shows the kind of foresight which will be cherished by Canadians for many generations to come. When it comes to song writing Wiz Bryant is a virtual fountain of inspiration. His talent, drive and innovative ideas have made him one of our better known and greatly respected advocates of all that is truly Canadian.”- Stompin’Tom Connors

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  • “Wiz Bryant sells Canada the way other people might sell toothpaste, cars and real estate. The hard sell approach all the way. But while some salespeople don’t always believe in what they are selling, Wiz has an absolute faith in the Canadian land and its people.” Suzanne Tausig
    London Free Press